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Why is massage beneficial? Massage is one of the most effective means available to combat stress. Massage releases chronic tension and pain in muscles, improves circulation, increases flexibility in the joints and reduces mental and physical fatigue. Massage elicits the “relaxation response” sending your own powerful, pain reducing hormones into your bloodstream. A Peaceful Place Massage & Wellness, LLC is here to take care of your wellness needs.sionals.

Benefits of Regular Massage & Bodywork Therapy:

• Increase Circulation—Allowing the Body to Pump More Oxygen & Nutrients into Tissues & Vital Organs

• Stimulate the Flow of Lymph, the Body's Natural Defense System Against Toxic Invaders (Massage Is Known to Increase the Cells That Fight Breast Cancer)

• Boost Circulation of Blood & Lymph Systems to Improve the Condition of Skin (Largest Organ)

• Relax & Soften Injured or Overused Muscles

• Reduce Spasms, Cramping, & Enhance Joint Flexibility

• Decrease Recovery Time—Helps Prepare You for Strenuous Workouts & Eliminates Subsequent Pain for Athletes at Any Level

Head Massage

• Release Endorphins—Body's Natural Painkiller Used in Chronic Illness, Injury, & Recovery from Surgery to Control & Relieve Pain

• Reduce Post-Surgery Adhesions & Edema—Used to Lessen & Realign Scar Tissue After Healing Has Occurred

• Improve Range of Motion & Decrease Discomfort of Low Back Pain

• Alleviate Pain for Migraine Sufferers & Minimize Need for Medication

• Exercise & Stretching of Atrophied Muscles

• Diminish Shortening of Muscles for Those with Restricted Range of Motion

• Assist with Shorter Labor for Expectant Mothers—Results in Less Medication, Depression, Anxiety, & Shorter Hospital Stays

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